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Slide Colors DownloadTaykron Games contacted me a while back to review their “unique” casual game Slide Colors, and then showed me a YouTube link so that I can have a first glance look at the gameplay. Honestly, I expected nothing “unique” about the game after watching the video but still thought about having a hands-on try at the game just to clear my opinions. And just like a child’s brand new toy, it surprised me to learn that there’s more to this game than meets the eye.

There are 3 modes of play for this game named as Puzzle Mode, Time Attack and Clear Blocks. The objective for all 3 modes is simple: try to finish each level within a set time limit by moving the game board’s row and columns to either match or move colored blocks. What’s different though are the mechanics, and if you think that each mode plays just like your usual match-3 game, then you’re already dead wrong in assumption.

Puzzle Mode in Slide Colors is really a whole new puzzle game not seen on most match-3. The mechanics is to place each color block within its respective color cell. The mode plays really easy at first but also gets pretty challenging as you move along levels. More block colors and more challenging cell positions involve better thinking and planning to execute, thus making this mode the most brain-exhaustive mode of the three in my opinion.

Time Attack is more like your usual match-3 game wherein you match 3 or more blocks in order to clear them from the board. You need to fulfill set matches within the time limit to move on to the next level. To add more challenge, X marked locations indicate that you can’t move rows or columns having that mark. Later levels introduce more X marked locations and more block colors to keep you on your toes in matching them up.

Slide Colors DownloadLast mode in Slide Colors is the Clear Blocks which plays just like Time Attack but this time, you also have metallic cells to consider. Metallic cells can be cleared by matching blocks on them. Obviously, later levels will have more X marked locations and more block colors, but aside from this, you’ll also encounter trapped metallic cells surrounded by X marked ones. The only way around these cells is to use power-ups in order to clear them from the board.

Power-ups appear during Time Attack and Clear Blocks, and are quite lacking really since there are only two of them. One is the cross which clears up all blocks on both its specific row and column. The other is a bomb-like thing which clears a random number of blocks from the board when activated. Try to match 5 or more blocks at once to make power-ups appear.

One negative thing about Slide Colors is how during Time Attack and Clear Blocks mode, some matches you aim to form won’t materialize due to some unknown reason. This seldom happens, probably just a bug, but can be real weird when you’re already pressing for time. Also (well, not really a negative thing),  expect the game to only have plain graphics and design, but I guess the funky sounds make up for all that plainness.

Overall though, I find the game really addictive and fun. Playing the game reminds us that with a widely used genre like match-3, there’s still plenty of improvement and tweaks you can make to develop a highly creative game. Surely, the game is worth the try even just because of the Puzzle Mode (not that the other 2 modes aren’t worth a look too). The game is challenging and unique and converts to hours and hours of gameplay with each level.

Slide Colors Download

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